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Organic CBD Drops and Products Comparison

There are two company’s producing a liposome based CBD product.  All other brands are of a lesser compound.  Ojai Energetics, “SUPER CBD” is a process of micronized hydrosomes organically influenced for superior bioavailability.  Micro-hydrosome allows for faster-acting delivery in both sublingual and ingested of the CBD nutrients.  The micronized hydrosome is vital for maximum bioavailability for sublingual uptake.

Other crystal or proclaimed water-soluble CBD’s do not use organic delivery methods.  These products allow the lipid elements to be washed away; and do not dissolve into the saliva for full absorption in the mucous membrane.  The micronized hydrosome passes vastly faster through the mucous membrane as it is absorbed almost immediately.  Sublingual application is the ideal delivery intake for our “SUPER CBD” product.

Now for ingesting the products:

A liposome certainly improves ingested bioavailability, as it passes through the intestines faster than it would as a non-micronized compound.   Liposomes are especially effective if one wants to increase delivery of a water-soluble compound to a fat tissue.  However, CBD is already fat-soluble.  Making fat-soluble compound water soluble with a hydrosome, greatly improves bioavailability.  Doing so, the hydrosome quickly penetrates the unstirred water layer, or UWL of the intestines faster than in a fat, including a liposome.  Once through the UWL, the micronized CBD leaves the hydrosome and is then absorbed like a liposome would be, through the luminal surface of the enterocytes into the intestinal capillaries.

Because our organic CBD drops are micronized, it passes through faster as a hydrosome.  In this case, the CBD now has degraded less than a liposome bombarded with FAAH and other enzymes, that destroy cannabinoids and other important phytonutrients, before they can make it to the luminal surface for delivery.

Additionally, a liposome CBD from the appearance of the product alone seems to have been “winterized” showing its standard gold appearance.  The winterizing removes the waxes in the hemp oil, and increases the concentration, allowing to use less for the same MG amount in formulation.  However, this process removes most of the terpenes and many other phytonutrients in the Hemp oil, these are vital for the efficacy and holistic balance of the oil.

Our products use the full spectrum oil with the waxes, terpenes and other phytonutrients that are vital for the full holistic benefit of the Hemp plant.  On our website, you can find the 3rd party testing results that show the terpene profile of our product; along with heavy metal count, VOC, microbial and cannabinoids.

The other company’s making liposome CBD, have less bioavailability.  They are not micronized at all, and are nowhere near as bioavailable as our Super CBD.  Additionally, they use MCT oil.   MCT, is not certified organic, as certified organic MCT, is not available on the market.  Reason being is; MCT is made by separating via chemical solvents, which can be often found in the final product.

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