Legal Hemp Tinctures

Legal Hemp Tinctures

A tincture is an extract from a plant which is suspended in alcohol or vegetable glycerin.

While tinctures are certainly not mainstream in the United States, they are an ancient form of medicine and have long been used by farmers and Pharaohs.


Until hemp/cannabis was federally banned in 1937, tinctures were the primary type of cannabis medicine.

Modern tinctures are recognized by the light-protected blue or brown 1oz bottles with rubber and glass siphons. The glass jar and siphon setup make for easy dosing.

Most one ounce tinctures have a 2ml dropper and contain 30 drops. Doses are measured in drops, ml or droppers full.

Medicinal herbs have healing compounds which can be concentrated in a tincture making process. Herbs that come in tincture form are not only used as medicines, they can be general tonics and elixirs.

You can make tinctures in your home with grain alcohol or glycerin.

You just need some plant matter like ginseng, Echinacea or cannabis. Then you can use grain alcohol or glycerin to extract and concentrate the medicinal compounds from the plant.

Tinctures can be swallowed alone or diluted with water or juice. They can also be taken sublingually and held under the tongue for faster absorption and effect.

Grain Alcohol based tinctures are very harsh on the mouth and stomach. You can make alcohol-based tinctures easier to consume by diluting in juice or warm water.

Glycerin tinctures taste much better, providing a sweet flavor mixed with the herb that is present. It has been said however that glycerin extractions aren’t and powerful as alcohol.

Super CBD Hemp Ticture

Ojai Energetics uses a CO2 extraction method in its lab to concentrate the medicinal compound CBD, from legal hemp. That is the same way vanilla is extracted.

Then, the CBD is suspended in sweet tasting vegetable glycerin for an enjoyable delivery sublingually or swallowed.

It is recommended to start with one dropper full per day, unless you have acute symptoms. Most people start to feel the benefits of CBD tinctures within a day of beginning use.

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