De-toxing Mind, Body and Spirit

Health and Well-Being is so important, and we do many things to maintain this balance in our lives daily. It is so important that when we take steps to clean out and purify our bodies, that we approach this in a holistic manner. When we are fasting, juicing on a physical level, or working through emotional and mental blockages, that we nourish all the systems of our bodies. Raw Remedies essential oils with Ormus work on all levels of our fields.

As we go through a detoxification process, this will affect all of our energy fields from physical to mental and emotional. It is really important we support our bodies in every way possible. Using Essential oils for Aromatherapy, and instantly infusing our blood with healing and rejuvenating plant medicine to be carried to every cell in our body is a great start. Our oils, are also used topically to strengthen our energetic fields along Meridian Lines and Chakras. Creating a body scrub from our Raw Recipes page, is another highly recommended way to promote total body well being. We sweat out toxins from our body, and clearing off the outer dead layers of skin regularly is so important to how our bodies natural healing process works. After the scrub, use our recipe for sunscreen/moisturizer which is gentle enough to use every day, and you will see an amazing difference in your skin and how you feel in general.

Healing practitioners in the know use these healing plant medicines in the form of essential oils to add to their massage oils, or hands on healing arts to raise the energy level of their treatments. And you can do this daily for yourself at home to supplement your normal wellness routine.
Using them as Aromatherapy is just one way to assist in our overall holistic health.
Please see our Raw Recipes page for more great ideas.